2022-2023COVID-19 Information

August 19th Update

Hello Westmont Community!
We're already past the midpoint of August with the start of the new academic year right around the corner. We pray that all of you enjoyed a fun, restful and fulfilling summer and are ready to return to campus. We look forward to seeing you do amazing things throughout the year. 

During the pandemic, Westmont has sought to offer a safe and engagingexperience in person, and we'll continue to pursue this goal.  Throughout the trials and challenges of navigating uncertainty, we've been so impressed with our students' ability to be flexible, neighborly and resilient. As we've learned more about COVID, we've tried to update our policies and protocols to better reflect the latest information and comply with local health guidance and protocols. As we begin the new school year and celebrate Westmont's 85th anniversary, please be sure to review the updated COVID protocols found below this tab. 

Thank you for your willingness to move with the currents and do what's necessary to get Westmont to this point. We're grateful that along with the vaccines and therapeutic regimens now available, the virus itself has changed, becoming  less virulent at present, particularly for the vast majority of our student body. While we continue to work to keep our campus safe, we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our community has done a great job of taking responsibility for keeping ourselves and others safe, and I know that we'll continue to do so. 

For any comments/questions/concerns, please email risk@xiangyunjiadian.com



  • While highly recommended, masks will not be required with the following caveat: faculty members will be in charge of their respective classrooms and may enact masking requirements at their discretion. Additionally, if you're COVID-negative but symptomatic, please wear a mask to limit the spread of other illnesses around campus.


  • While highly recommended, testing will not be required prior to moving back onto campus. Please note that if you're experiencing symptoms before moving in, please stay away until you have a negative COVID test and your symptoms have resolved. Check in with your resident director if you need to delay your arrival.. 


  • PCR and antigen testing will be available. If you're a new student who has not tested on campus before, please complete THIS FORM to upload information to our testing partner's portal. Your insurance covers PCR testing, so you should never pay anything out of pocket once you've registered for the system. Antigen testing will be provided free of charge as well. If you're symptomatic, please get tested as quickly as possible. Tests will be readily available and free.

Testing Locations 

  • Antigen tests can be found on campus is located at Kerrwood 216 and the Health Center.  
  • Individuals registered with Aptitude Labs can also test at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, located at 3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. No appointment is required. Testing times are as follows:
    • 9-5pm, Monday through Friday
    • 9-2pm, Saturday 
    • 9-1pm, Sunday 
  • Please be sure you have completed your registration through Aptitude Labs. If you have not, you will not be in the system and may be charged $145 per test. If you have any questions regarding your registration status, please email risk@xiangyunjiadian.com


    • Per CDC, state, and county protocols, we're still required to isolate students when they receive a positive COVID test. 
      • Symptomatic: The California Department of Public Health specifies that symptomatic individuals are eligible to test out of isolation five days after the onset of symptoms, assuming they've been fever-free for 24 hours and their symptoms are resolving. Once they test negative or reach 10 days after the start of symptoms they're eligible to leave isolation. 
      • Asymptomatic: If you're asymptomatic, you're eligible to start trying to test out of isolation five days after a positive test. You're eligible to leave isolation once you test negative or 10 days have passed, whichever comes first.
      • Housing: In the biggest change from previous years, isolating students will be asked to stay in their dorm rooms and will only be permitted to leave isolation to use the restroom and must wear either a KN95 or N95 mask when doing so. 
      • Class expectations: Since isolation will be required, faculty will work with students who need to isolate.


    • Per the updated CDC guidelines, Westmont will ask that in lieu of quarantining, if you've had close contact with someone with COVID, you wear a high-quality mask for five days and then be tested. If your roomate tests positive, we may ask you to find temporary housing with classmates on campus until the isolation period has ended. We'll discuss this on a case-by-case basis and consider  a variety of factors, including whether you've had an infection in the last 90 days.